Remember the beach scene at the end of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”?

That scene with Ferris and his girlfriend was shot at the very top of Glencoe Beach in Glencoe, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. The two sat on the edge of the gray stone railing that was at the top of its steep, long, winding stone steps. As a kid, I remember running down those steps in glee as Lake Michigan awaited my tentative yet enthusiastic entry. Climbing up that behemoth after a hot day at the beach was an altogether different experience! Jeez Louise!

steep stairs - stone steps

Umm, not really that steep...

Stone Steps in Leucadia is steeper and harder to acclimate to than all those steps at Glencoe Beach. So, whether you’re looking to test or build your quads and gluteals, increase your cardio efficiency or greedily take full advantage of the structure by executing bear crawls, Stone Steps is your man! The view of the Pacific at the top beats the view of Lake Michigan (sorry, Ferris!) and watching the pelicans glide in formation, skimming the waves as they unfurl is nothing less than sublime. The beach is seldom crowded, and the location is perfect.

Stone Steps. Aptly named, aptly honored.

Stone Steps Beach Encinitas

Well, they are not really stone, but they are steps