Stone Steps, Encinitas CA

Stone Steps, hmm, sounds like a landscaping company, or 10 hours of back breaking work or some new age mystical rock maze…
stone steps beach aerial view
nope, it is just a super local, hard-to-find beach break in Encinitas.

stone steps sand maze
Having said that, there is one local, who often creates a sand maze.

Please visit the Stone Steps Beach Facebook Page.

It rarely is crowded, except on hot days and holidays.


Notice the sand maze in the video above.

It has its own, super-secret, locals only surf contest.

While the weather is usually nice in Southern California, after we had some wildfires, the wind was blowing and we had a smoke filled sky.

Local Stone Steps surfers in action.

Like any tribe, these surfers have their own traditions.

I was once in Key West and the locals gathered at the end of the last cay to watch the sunset. They cheered when the sun went down.

Here is the Stone Steps version.

More views of the City of Encinitas.

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